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تحميل تطبيق تعليم اللغة العربية للاطفال الحروف والارقام للاندرويد - اندرويد


وصف برنامج تعليم اللغة العربية

An interactive educational program aimed at teaching Arabic letters, teaching English and Spanish letters, teaching writing Arabic letters and English and Spanish letters, teaching numbers, and teaching children animals in a fun and entertaining way in a way that stimulates children to learn.
The application contains teaching Arabic, English and Spanish language, sound and image, and it also contains teaching letters for children with gestures and teaches the child how to teach Arabic, English and Spanish letters in his handwriting. It also contains challenges to learn Arabic letters for children in a fun, fun way, as well as contains a letter and a word, and that much, much more.
The application also contains teaching the names of animals and animal sounds, teaching fruits, teaching vegetables to children, teaching Arabic numbers, English and Spanish numbers, teaching counting, teaching numbers, teaching alphabets for children, and a competition for teaching shapes in order for the child to distinguish between the different shapes.
We can extract the application on the following sections: -
* Teaching letters to children with sound and image.
* Teaching Arabic letters to write.
* Teaching numbers.
* Teaching numbers in writing.
* Teaching kids animals.
* Teaching children fruits and vegetables.
* Learning to find shapes game.
* Number education game.
* Balloons game.
* Blanks game.
* Connect shapes game.
* Find the appropriate numbers game.
The only application that combined education, challenge and fun in teaching Arabic letters, do not hesitate to bear it

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