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Street Chaser
Street Chaser


Street Chaser is a permanent running game where you run through endless streets in a city to catch thieves. In each level, you will find a new element that you must catch.

For example, a thief will steal your girlfriend's wallet in the first level of Street Chaser, and your task will be to chase him and work to get it back. However, the matter is not limited to this, but you will also be required to move between right and left so that you can avoid obstacles in each of your high-speed chases.

The more you get past more levels, the more difficult it is to catch the thief without hitting one of the obstacles. As you run through each of the levels, you should pay attention to obstacles so you can slide your finger on the screen and avoid them.

Street Chaser is a unique infinite runner game that brings you a lot of levels full of thieves, and the task of chasing them and retrieving the loot will be yours. On top of all this, you will find some few characters that you can choose to carry out the chases.

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