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Minimum specifications: 1.2GHz dual core CPU, 1.0GB RAM
Recommended specifications: Quad Core 1.4 GHz CPU, 1.5 GB RAM

Dual core device may not operate according to MEMORY required use. Please use as much as possible after leaving other applications.

The new dark fantasy game comes

Experience thrill and high-quality graphics breakout.

Game features

- High quality and full 3D graphics with amazing senses!
You will be able to release all your stress and a sense of excitement.
Equipped with a variety of skills and items.

Enjoy the game with mysterious Sarah in new and exciting scenarios.
Normal or difficult mode, a total of 145 different stages are just waiting for you.
With 20 kinds of pets waiting to help you, quickly join them on an exciting adventure!

There are 3 motivating stimulation modes: Attack Time Mode / Boss Raid / Explore
Here, it is possible to obtain many advanced rewards and equipment while the level of competition with other users. Try these new delightful challenges!

■■ guide to access rights to the smart app ■■

[Basic access rights]
1. Permission is required to save game data and various options.

* After granting access permission, you can reset or revoke access as follows.

[Android version 6.0 or later]

1. Cancellation by the access authority:
Device Settings> Applications> More (Settings and Controls)> Application Settings> Application Permissions> Select this access right> Select whether to grant access or revoke access

2. By application
How to do it: Set up your device> Applications> select this app. Choose Permissions> Accept or revoke access

[Under Android 6.0]
Due to the nature of the operating system, access rights cannot be revoked.
We recommend upgrading your Android version.
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■ Product information, terms and conditions guide ■
- Supplier: Pie games
- Payment amount and form of payment: according to the amount of the payment and the method of payment declared for the product
(Because foreign exchange for payments and fees may differ from the actual fees)
- Product payment method: instantly paid by ID (character) purchased in the game

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Company registration number: 144-81-34167

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