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New features:
Graphics fixes / improvements - We've added several levels of graphics additions to Dungeon Quest. Dynamic shadows added to all regions. Players have full control over the quality of the shadows through the options menu.

Legend and Eternal Legend Crafting - The new Legend Crafting system allows you to save unwanted Legend and the above things as opposed to Crafting Dust. If you have already unlocked the Legend, you can now go to LegendEx and create it for dust. If you do not unlock the item, you will be able to unlock the creation of the Legend item using Dust! This provides a new way to target the Legend elements you want while not being a random slave.

Codex Eternal Item Tracking - Not only will you be able to create a Legends element from LegendEx in Patch 3.0, but you will also be able to create Eternal Legends from the new Eternal Tracking section of Codex.

Pet Industry System - To make it easier to customize your pets a little more, we've enabled diamond crystals through fluorite and topaz on pets. The only difference is that these crystals will consume 5 of each type instead of the usual crystal.

Bug fixes and system modifications:

Changing and resetting stats - Having approximately 300 basis points is always a bit boring to set and convince, so we've reduced the amount of base points you earn in each level from 3 to 1, and we have tripled the effectiveness of each statistic. We have also improved the speed with which the law is allocated.

Best value in buying gold
Thank you for your support of Dungeon Quest and for helping us make better games! With the recent economic changes and improvement in past patches, the purchase of gold has unfortunately become old. Every purchase now yields 100 times the amount of gold as it did before!

You can embark on a journey to find the best loot and defeat all competitors in this truly free Offline Action RPG game.

It houses random looting, dynamically generated dungeons, and 4 actions each awaiting its legendary boss. Stroll through unlimited floors of increasingly challenging enemies, collecting the best possible elements as you compete with your friends in the Battle Arena competitions.

Equip your healer, fight, or dodge with unlimited weapons and shields to help destroy the initial evils that have plagued the earth. There are always new ways to conquer your opponents! Upgrade your equipment with the Crystal & Mythstone drafting system. Make your character more powerful with the talented skill and gear system.

Tired of playing alone? Have your other characters fight with you to gain experience and loot alongside your hero using our Hireling system. Or maybe you will come across one of the beloved companions included in our pet system!

Features include:

• Play as long as you don't want paid content or walls
• Equip your healer, warrior, or spoof with amazing random looting that you'll find on your adventure!
• Do not fight in the same dungeon twice! Climb your way through more randomly generated non-random floors.
• Test your skills against one of 4 legendary bosses at the end of each law!
• Bring your other characters to your adventures with the new Hireling System!
• Manage your AI player to create your own army of adventures!
• Bluetooth native controller integration with HID support!
• Customize bonus difficulty and rewards by choosing between 8 enemy power levels.
• The new pet system that lets you choose a follower to help with your trip.

We are committed to making Dungeon Quest the best ARPG on mobile! New content will be added 
regularly, so follow us on our forums, Twitter or Facebook to get the latest news!

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