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Plage you. (Plague Inc) is a strategy game that aims to transmit a virus infection that kills all of humanity, from a tumor spread in our first patient.

How does the game work? Well, first we need to know how we want to spread the virus, by choosing different pathogens and symptoms in order to transmit infection to all of humanity. We will end up getting tons of different epidemics within our reach.

Well, what now? We will not only focus on developing the disease to the most dangerous possible, we also need to try to spread it across the five continents in the most effective way. We are trying to eliminate all human life - country by country.

On a visual level, the game is not particularly interesting because it is almost completely based on simple menus and interfaces. However, the design is very clear and it is really fun to switch between menus.

Plage you. (Playague Inc) is an entertaining game that can prove a little challenging since the first few experiences. One of the features is that it is a captivating game that keeps us busy for hours.

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