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Download game Baseball MLB Pro apk Android|GaMes2020

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It is a 3D base ball game and is very entertaining. In this game, you will play the role of a free kick aiming to hit the ball as far as possible and score the most points for his team.

The gameplay in this game is very simple, as the image in front of you will throw the ball towards you. Your goal here is to hit the ball at exactly the right time to make it fly as far as possible. The field is divided into different regions, these areas that differ in terms of points that are equal to them. There is the field, terraces and outside the field. The longer the ball flies, the more points you score.

You will have three strikes, but every time you miss your chance you will lose a specified number of points, so you have to keep your hit number low.

Baseball MLB Pro 2018 is a very easy and exciting base ball game. In addition, it gives you a real pleasure in throwing balls as far as possible
Baseball MLB Pro 2018 screenshot 1
Baseball MLB Pro 2018 screenshot 2
Baseball MLB Pro 2018 screenshot 3
Baseball MLB Pro 2018 screenshot 5