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Paradise Island 2 continues the Paradise Island saga and turns you into a contractor trying to build a hotel empire by building and developing buildings of all types on the sea to attract the largest possible number of tourists.

In this strategy and management game, you can unleash your imagination to completely build the type of vacation destination you've always dreamed of: extra-bedroom buildings, vast pools, all kinds of entertainment venues, restaurants with many different kitchens, and dance clubs where tourists can party all night.

All of this will help you earn money, but you will need to know what your guests like and use your profits to give them exactly what they want. Not all entertainment places earn money, and you also have to keep your hostel and common areas clean so your visitors can enjoy their holidays.

The graphics in Paradise Island 2 are an improvement over the previous version, and the game itself is very similar to the classic The Beach Life classic. Enjoy fun hours in building a tourist resort that leaves those of other players in the dust.

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Download game Paradise Island 2