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Download game Tekken Card Tournament APK

Tekken Card Tournament - Welcome to the brutal, tactical beatemup world of TEKKEN, as you’ve in no way skilled it earlier than! TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT is a new beatemup CCG with actual-time fighting duels and tactical, strategic, combination battles. Join over eleven million players from around the globe inside the first ever free-to-play Tekken beatemup CCG. TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT features lovely 3-d visuals, with electrifying flip-based totally card battles which might be loaded with enjoyable depth and intense characters.


Play TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT on-line in real-time with all the method and methods you want to win. It received’t be smooth; your fighting combatants come from all around the globe. Do you have got what it takes to take them all on? Battle and duel with the hardest opposition obtainable. Take on the arena through collecting the great combating playing cards to create your very own ultimate fighting deck, providing some of the most fearsome TEKKEN fighters.

Online gameplay is rapid and livid. Fight battles the usage of combinations with three moves: Focus, Strike and Block. During every flip, opponents pick whether to attract a new card from their deck, release an assault with their cards or try to block. Think speedy, combat quicker.

Don’t just assume along with your fists on this CCG. Strategy and methods are key with less than 10s to make choices and guess what your opposition is making plans with their deck. Winning bouts needs composure, bluffing and intuition. Use combos to break your warring parties in duels and win worldwide competitions and tournaments. Challenge the pleasant opponents, win bouts and uncover all the playing cards!

Collect over one hundred ninety bodily TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT Game Cards and produce real-world crossover to the gameplay, with particular QR codes letting you immediately upload the cardboard to your virtual deck in-game, and Augmented Reality bringing the characters to life in gamers’ environments. Launch into blend card battles globally on line with talent-matched players from around the sector, and deliver their TEKKEN iron fist a exercise anytime, everywhere. It’s a genuinely international beatemup CCG!


“There's a intensity to Tekken Card Tournament this is severely lacking in other free-to-play card games.” – Pocketgamer.Co.Uk eight/10

“Genuinely fun to play in opposition to others.” - GamesReviews.Com 8/10


DEEP GAMEPLAY: Customise your on-line deck. Use the fusion gadget to create and acquire new playing cards, and perfect your strategic combinations of Focus, Strike and Block actions to take down opposition from throughout the globe.

AMAZING VISUALS: High pleasant, liquid smooth 3-D pix known to the TEKKEN universe are faultlessly rendered in this beatemup recreation.

WORLDWIDE COMPETITION: Train in solo play until you are ready to venture matched fighters to duel around the world on line. Your goal is to climb the global scores, with more rewards available to win in themed contests and weekly battles.

SOLO CAMPAIGN: Take up 50 specific demanding situations to test your talent and tactical judgement throughout Japan. More nations and demanding situations inside the subsequent updates.

TAG: A “tag deck” doubles the movement in the game with a second person. Fight, and a card is randomly drawn from both deck for your predominant character. So if one on one isn’t enough in your global, begin your tag deck for 2 vs two! Strike, and notice your characters combat with the pass on the cardboard.
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Download game Tekken Card Tournament APK